Church Booty dreams big. With lively performances that feel more like parties and a sound drawing from just about every inch of pop, rock and R&B, it’s go big or go home for Church Booty.
— Buzz Magazine

Check out our debut album, Turn the Other Cheek, released October 2015: 



With catchy melodies and grooves that can’t help but be danced to, Church Booty delivers a unique musical experience born from their wide range of influences. Based in Chicago, the band consistently entertains crowds with high-energy performances that highlight their musical versatility and strong chemistry. Guided by tight arrangements and skillful improvisations, the bar is set at a high musical standard that works both the brain and the booty. 

With friendships rooted long before the band's inception, Church Booty is a family of musicians that are just as close off the stage. Between the vocals of Mariel Fechik, the keyboard connection of Joe Meland and Rob Osiol, Noah Gehrmann's guitar shredding, the groove between bassist Erik Opland and drummer Tom Kelly, and the tight horn arrangements laid down by Dan Hinze (saxophone) and company, each member comes together for a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Following the release of debut album Turn The Other Cheek in the fall of 2015, the band gained recognition for a sound encompassing a unique blend of pop, soul,  jazz, rock, R&B, and whatever else inspires them. They continue to work on new material, with plans for a new release in 2017.